enology (sometimes oenology)

  1. The study of wines. The science or knowledge of wine making and appreciation.
    Even though I can"t drink wine, I can still study enology and enjoy knowing about the great wines of the world.

7 letters in word "enology": E G L N O O Y.

Anagrams of enology:

Words found within enology:

ego el elogy en eng enol eon gel gen geo gey glen gley go goe goel goey gole gon gone goo gooey gool gooley gooly goon gooney goony goy leg leng leno ley lo log loge logo logy lone long longe loo looey loon looney loony loy lye lyne ne neg no noel nog nole nolo noo noy ny nye oe ogle ole oleo ology on one onely only oo oogeny oon oy oye ye yen ygo ygoe yo yon